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Ok ok, so you are a photographer because you have a camera and know how to use it. No matter what photographer you are you are a fan of the film or digital photography. Photography is just a hobby or job for you. You are making images using canon, Nikon maybe just a smartphone. Or

Digital camera explained

holding dslr in hands

Digital photography, leading us to discuss the benefits comparing to SLR film photographyyou can make hundreds of images, don’t need to change film, preview images on the screen, if you do not like some, can delete them immediately. First successful digital camera series production The first commercially available digital camera in the United States was

Moon photography

moon photography at night

Moon photography Moon has long been interested in academics, writers, visionary artists, as well as all kinds of professions, including photographers.What is Moon The Moon is the only natural satellite of the Earth Shooting the moon is not difficult. This would be enough conventional digital – DSLR camera, and understanding how to use the camera‘s

Lightning photography

lightning in dar sky

How to lightning photography Lightning photography is quite complex: You only get one chance, ever wondered how to choose the location and direction – this is not a portrait photography where you can go back into the studio and do the shots if the pictures did not. You will always be at some risk of

Zoom effect photography

zoom effect running man

Zoom effect photography trick A simple trick to make a static image dynamic – shoot slowly, zoom quickly. It only needs small tricks with the camera zoom lens zoom and shutter speed. Take a picture with a rather slow shutter speed, and pressing the shutter release button, turn the lens suddenly zoom (photographic trick only

Night photography tips

night photography outside

Night photography tips Often at night we see beautiful images, whether it be a clear sky, or pond, which is reflected in the moonshine, or dozens lights over town. You should agree that at night time often ordinary objects we see much better, more romantic role specialization. Likewise, we often want to perpetuate the camera,

Firework photography

fireworks photography splash

For many, the question arises as to produce beautiful firework photography, so this article will try to answer it how to shoot fireworks. Technically, everything is easier than it may appear, will present some of the key tips that you should keep in mind when shooting fireworks. Firework photography Use a tripod … SURE It