How to understand and use camera exposure compensation

How to understand and use camera exposure compensation 4

Exposure compensation most of the time may sound very technical and unfamiliar to many new photographers. Exposure compensation, commonly also known as EV is actually very simple and useful, where I believe should be put to good use. What is camera exposure compensation? EV allows you to easily underexpose or overexpose your images. EV can … Read more

Glass ball photography

glass ball photography

For any photography enthusiast who is tired of taking “regular” photos, whether they’re a veteran photographer or a complete novice, an interesting way to shake things up is to try what’s known as glass ball photography. Glass ball photography, also known as crystal ball photography, involves taking a glass or crystal ball and positioning it … Read more

Street Photography – an Introduction for Non-photographers

street photography cover img

If you are a non-photographer who’s interested to learn street photography, but the only idea you have is that you need a camera to capture what’s happening on the street. Now you are searching for guidance, tips, and ideas on how to get started. Street Photography – an Introduction for Non-photographers In this article, you’ll … Read more

How to photograph snowflakes with DSLR


Winter is the perfect time to shoot something different and if you like macro photography as I do here is a little tutorial about how to photograph snowflakes with a DSLR.If taking photographs of snowflakes isn’t your favorite photographic practice during wintertime, it should become such. You just have to go through a few and … Read more