Perseid Meteor Shower Photography (Guide for Begginers)

perseid meteor shower photography

The cosmos, an endless expanse of mystery and beauty, occasionally graces us with spectacular displays that leave us humbled and awestruck. Among these awe-inspiring phenomena is the Perseid meteor shower, a celestial ballet of shooting stars that mesmerizes observers around the world. While witnessing this natural spectacle is a thrill in itself, capturing its ephemeral

Elevate Your Skills: How To Photograph The Supermoon?


The celestial dance of the moon has fascinated humans for centuries. The ethereal glow and enchanting presence of a supermoon captivate both amateur and professional photographers around the world. In this article, we delve into the art of photographing a supermoon, exploring the necessary techniques and equipment to achieve breathtaking results. Understanding the Supermoon Phenomenon

Moon photography

moon photography at night

Moon photography Moon has long been interested in academics, writers, visionary artists, as well as all kinds of professions, including photographers.What is Moon The Moon is the only natural satellite of the Earth Shooting the moon is not difficult. This would be enough conventional digital – DSLR camera, and understanding how to use the camera‘s

Night photography tips

night photography outside

Night photography tips Often at night we see beautiful images, whether it be a clear sky, or pond, which is reflected in the moonshine, or dozens lights over town. You should agree that at night time often ordinary objects we see much better, more romantic role specialization. Likewise, we often want to perpetuate the camera,

Firework photography

fireworks photography splash

For many, the question arises as to produce beautiful firework photography, so this article will try to answer it how to shoot fireworks. Technically, everything is easier than it may appear, will present some of the key tips that you should keep in mind when shooting fireworks. Firework photography Use a tripod … SURE It