How to understand and use camera exposure compensation

How to understand and use camera exposure compensation 1

Exposure compensation most of the time may sound very technical and unfamiliar to many new photographers. Exposure compensation, commonly also known as EV is actually very simple and useful, where I believe should be put to good use. What is camera exposure compensation? EV allows you to easily underexpose or overexpose your images. EV can

Night photography tips

night photography outside

Night photography tips Often at night we see beautiful images, whether it be a clear sky, or pond, which is reflected in the moonshine, or dozens lights over town. You should agree that at night time often ordinary objects we see much better, more romantic role specialization. Likewise, we often want to perpetuate the camera,

Landscape photography basics

London eye on sunset time

Best time for landscape photography To get good nature photos we need good lighting. Still, we are shooting outside we can not adjust the light, so be patient, waiting for the best moment. It means, we have to sit and wait, until the sun comes up among the clouds, color the fields, until the interesting