Landscape photography basics

Best time for landscape photography

To get good nature photos we need good lighting. Still, we are shooting outside we can not adjust the light, so be patient, waiting for the best moment. It means, we have to sit and wait, until the sun comes up among the clouds, color the fields, until the interesting clouds stick together. Landscape photography critical magic morning and evening minutes. In the morning sunlight comes warm, golden, clear, or hazy weather, the wind ceased. The Dew of the night deepens and brightens the colors of vegetation. A foggy winter morning is a mystical perfect for creating images. The evening sunlight is richer than in the morning. The sunset turns the sky red and orange clouds of letters – these will not see any other time of day.

landscape London eye at sunset time

Driving to or from work, local surroundings, we can see the beautiful landscape, maybe noon or on a rainy day it will look not very impressive, but at other times of the day or if the weather permits landscape could change. So it is necessary to explore the place: to come at different times, varying the air, and watch how it changes. The professional photographer even uses astronomical solar path calculation programs and provides what time of year to come to a certain place to see the sun or the moon in a given location.

Landscape photography composition

Landscape design elements must be arranged so that they eye-catching, and it would be interesting to watch them. Use the principle of the rule of thirds shooting nature pictures and you will never miss it. Try to take the broadest possible view, climb up on the hill, the roof (if it’s safe). I like the panoramic photo view.

What is the best lens for landscape photography?

Wider- better, as far as I like landscape photography I am using canon 16-35 f2.8 lens. Anyway, you can use even a telephoto lens in a particular situation.
After you have made a bunch of images, criticize yourself, if it does not work, ask to look at your friend or family member, delete worst.
The next step is image editing. All is not lost in the digital camera world you can correct some defects to make your landscape pictures perfect. Use a free photo editor or free online photo editor if you don’t have installed anything on the computer yet. I prefer picasa free download or download gimp. Adjust settings, compare with primary or convert to black and white pictures, see how it looks, experiment.

Don’t be afraid to make a bad photo, I believe professional photographers made thousands of them until becoming masters. Learn digital photography basics, read books, photo tutorials, follow best photography websites, practice and you will succeed.

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