Night photography tips

Night photography tips

Often at night we see beautiful images, whether it be a clear sky, or pond, which is reflected in the moonshine, or dozens lights over town. You should agree that at night time often ordinary objects we see much better, more romantic role specialization. Likewise, we often want to perpetuate the camera, but when you try capture is often meet a bunch of problems. Night photography requires gotten some knowledge in the technical field and in the understanding of what you are doing- you have all night to do specifically. This time, I will give some night photography tips of how to deal with the camera at night.
night photography moving cars

What can your camera?

As already mentioned above, night photography requires technical understanding, so you have a good knowledge of your camera? Do you use a DSLR camera? Is the compact camera? Does the type Superzoom / Bridge camera?

I use a DSLR

Oh great, you will not be in trouble! DSLR cameras are all the necessary features of night photography.

I use a compact digital camera

Well, now read the camera guide and search for opportunities to change the ISO sensitivity and shutter speed. If changing the shutter speed is not possible, then maybe the camera has the “Night” mode? If you find a possibility to change the settings listed here- great for your camera ready to take pictures at night.

I use a Superzoom/ Bridge camera

Nowadays, while virtually all ultra zoom has a chance to change all the settings, so you should not have any problems.

When to shoot?

Complete darkness is not appropriate in most cases, because then everything is illuminated only artificial light, which results in losing image formats. Your best bet is to shoot just after sundown when it is already beyond the horizon, but still not completely dark.

How much of your scene and light?

While the question may seem complicated, but everything is much easier than it looks like. Just point your camera at your main object, what you take photos, and then press the shutter button halfway- if you use M, Av, or S mode, the camera will show whether the current settings of your photo will come out bright enough. If you use the automatic mode – the camera does everything set so that Photography would go bright. But do not forget that the camera sees view much more light than the human eye, to create enough light and a clear picture. Mostly at night will have to use a slow shutter speed, but if you let the camera decide on the same settings, it is possible to offer to take pictures with the flash, we do not want this action if we are shooting a traditional night scenery. See article understanding exposure
correct exposure

Best settings for night photography

If your camera is not M mode, in which all the camera settings you can choose you further in this article ignore the part- you just need to take a picture by selecting the “Night photography” or “landscape photography” mode.
So, if your camera is the ability to select all the camera settings at your discretion- be sure to use the chosen M, Av, or S mode.

ISO for night photography

Always use the lowest possible setting- so the maximum zooms out appreciable noise, which is usually caused by a high ISO sensitivity. Just set the ISO to ISO 100, and change other settings. Of course, unless you do not have the camera stand- in this case, will have the ISO set to ISO 800, ISO 1600, or even more, to get a sharp, not blurred, image. Rising up sensitive, do not be surprised, when the photos come out of poor quality, full of noise.

night photography iso
night photography iso

Aperture for night photography

Its value indicates the number after the letter f (e.g. f/5,6), and the lower it is, the more light enters the camera. I do not recommend using the smallest aperture- shooting landscapes is recommended to use f/8 aperture, whereas, in view of all photography is bright and sharp, while at the maximum aperture accessed, the image will be of lower quality. Also, a narrow aperture will help you use a slow shutter speed. Of course, unless you do not have a tripod, and then set the aperture as open as possible, but since then the quality will suffer severely.

night photography aperture
night photography aperture

Shutter speed for night photography

If you have a tripod with you, there will be no problems with shutter speed- whatever it may be, if the tripod does not move, the picture will come out strong. You can set shutter speed yourself, depending on how bright you want photos, or you can let the camera decide what shutter speed is used ( usually used in Av mode). However, often the most beautiful night images made using a longer exposure. You can set the aperture to f/8 or f/16, even, and shoot a few minutes, the length of exposure, if you have a chance. Various maintenance variation affects the most, what will be your night photography. Shutter speed adjustment setting variations, affects the most, what will be your night photography.


I have realized that the camera stand just required when shooting at night. When you use a few seconds long shutter speeds, natural- handhold the camera an absolutely stable few tens of seconds or even more is impossible. In addition to the stand, you will have to raise the ISO sensitivity and the like to try to spin the situation by sacrificing print quality, and a simple tripod for £ 20 will do the job perfectly and will not worry, that image becomes blurry. If you do not have a tripod, you can use it instead of, say, a brick, or a bag, perhaps books, or anything by hand- most importantly, the camera remains stable. But still, more worth it to buy a tripod – it costs little and facilitates the work many times. One observation – cheap tripods being the highest position (pulled all way up), are usually quite unstable, so it is better the way they attract.
See article How to choose tripod

It is worth noting that in order to avoid any blur in photography, you should use the remote control for a digital camera- in this case, you do not have to touch it, and you can be sure that it will not shake. If you do not have a remote control, simply set the self-timer, after the shutter button is pressed, the camera still wait a few seconds before lowering the mirror and taking a picture- by that time to step back from the camera, calmly wait until the camera takes picture itself.
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Let’s take a picture!

Night full of opportunities to catch the amazing shots so grab your camera and stand out – the world is waiting for you! It’s true, do not forget basic security – the night is not as safe as the day, so it is better not to travel alone.
night photography outside
Thank you, we hope that this short article will help you by making the first high-quality night photography images.

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