How to capture great image with any camera

How to capture great image with any camera

It’s not always about the camera or the quality of the picture. Often when makes a good photographer is the personality of the person behind the camera. Below you can read about what you need to take a good photograph without necessarily having to spend big. So how do capture a great image with any

Glass ball photography

glass ball photography

For any photography enthusiast who is tired of taking “regular” photos, whether they’re a veteran photographer or a complete novice, an interesting way to shake things up is to try what’s known as glass ball photography. Glass ball photography, also known as crystal ball photography, involves taking a glass or crystal ball and positioning it

Christmas photo shoot ideas

christmas photo shoot ideas cover

The Christmas season is a great time to hang up with family and friends. It’s a great opportunity to share experiences with the people you love and explore your adjacent environment. Scheduling for a photo session is the best you can do for you to enjoy most of these memorable times. If you are planning

7 tips for Bokeh photography


Bokeh photography techniques and tips Bokeh is coined from the Japanese word boke that means haze or blur. Upon visiting a photography forum or website, you will come across plenty of individuals debating about the pleasing bokeh photography that their fast lenses allow. Adjectives such as smooth, superb, incredible, beautiful, good, excellent, silky, and sweet

Fruit Photography Tips


Still, life photography is one of the oldest photographic practices that are still fascinating, versatile, and enchanting. The onset of photography had marked limitations including the need for long exposures. As such, photography of still objects was the most viable form of photography. In spite of the advances in technology, still, life photography is still

Why photography business is not for everyone


When do you think is the best time to start a professional photography business So, you are so good at photography, you want to start your own photography business? Wait until you read this, to better understand: how it may change your life. I have made short pros and cons what may happen… Pros You