How to capture great image with any camera

It’s not always about the camera or the quality of the picture. Often when makes a good photographer is the personality of the person behind the camera. Below you can read about what you need to take a good photograph without necessarily having to spend big. So how do capture a great image with any camera?
What you need:

  • Any kind of camera
  • Remembering that photography is subjective
  • Confidence in your own ability
  • What to look out for

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Any kind of camera

It’s true that photography can be highly expensive, but then so can most hobbies. The thing is, it doesn’t have to be. It really depends on what you want to gain and what your expectation is.
Cameras range in price. Some people don’t even see the need to spend additional money on a camera when their mobile device comes equipped with one that can do a good job. Some phones now have 16MP cameras with super sharp screens that provide some great captures.

smartphone photography

Then there is handheld digital cameras that range in price. Again, whether you go for the high end depends on what exactly you want to snap. Most digital cameras regardless of the price will be able to provide you with a reasonable 4×6 image. If you want a camera that gives you a plethora of manual settings and features that you can manipulate or something a professional might use then you’re probably looking at some expensive gear. If, however, you are after something that will give you nice holiday shots or can capture some real-time street photography, it’s not necessary to always go big. Here’s why.

Remember that photography is subjective

There are lots of different approaches when it comes to capturing the ‘perfect image. Photography, like other forms of art, is, subjective. What appeals to one person might not appeal to the other. If it captures the emotion of the moment, it means something to you, or evokes a memory then it’s a good picture.

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It really depends on what you want to get out of it. Obviously, the more expensive equipment you buy, the sharper the image, the higher the definition, and the better overall quality but not necessarily a better photograph. The same goes for editing pictures. If you take a photo with an end result in mind then editing is often the way to achieve that, but if you’re taking a picture to record a snapshot of a moment in time, then you don’t necessarily need to concern yourself with all of the photo editing software available.
There is no wrong way to take a photograph. There are lots of great images that go against the grain. An over-exposed image can look as amazing as that perfectly framed shot that you’ve waited so long to capture. They can be great in different ways. Then there are images when something unexpected has popped into the frame, these ‘happy accidents’ can make for good photography and stories. They are no less credible than any other picture.

Confidence in your own ability

A common thought with any kind of creative discipline can be “What’s the point? I’m not going to be as good as [a certain person].” You don’t need to be as good as anyone. Sure, it’s nice to have people to look up to or to inspire you, but you are you, you don’t have to compare yourself to others. That goes for everything, not just photography.
It can be easy to get overwhelmed by all of the technical jargon with cameras. It’s not necessary for you to know the ins and outs if you want to enjoy photography at a low cost, just like it’s not necessary to know the technical workings of a clutch in order to drive a vehicle, all that matters is that you understand the correct use. While a bit of research is useful, don’t worry about getting bogged down with the details, unless you’re interested in that of course.
Find a camera that suits your needs and play about it, develop your own technique and have some fun.

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What to look for

Everyone is a photographer now or has the potential to be one. The camera is an extension of you and people see the world differently. So, you see you don’t have to spend lots of money to capture a memorable image.
Snap away at anything that interests you, it might be something that seems a bit strange to someone else but that has caught your eye. There doesn’t have to be a reason why you want to photograph a particular thing. It might be aesthetically pleasing, or the opposite of that, something incredibly ugly. It could be a lost glove or shoe, a nice landscape, a street performer, even people working or commuting.

sunrise landscape photography


Hopefully, after reading this you will see that photography doesn’t have to be expensive to be enjoyable. You can use pretty much any type of camera to capture a great shot. It depends on what you want out of it. Often it can depend on timing and the personality coming through in the picture. Sometimes it’s about having a good eye to capture that picturesque.
Work within your budget and make the most of it, use the camera’s strengths, and have some fun. If you’re using a film camera you might have to be more conservative with the number of shots you take but it doesn’t have to be any less enjoyable or change your approach. With a digital camera, experiment with different styles, different locations, and different techniques capturing whatever catches your eye.

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