How to Buy Second Hand DSLR Cameras?


How to Properly Buy Second-Hand DSLR Cameras? Many people have been using point-and-shoot cameras for as long as they can remember. Obviously, it is compact, simple, and suitable for casual photography tasks. But it only takes decent pictures for typical occasions. People who dream being of a professional wildlife photographer or great photojournalist may need … Read more

How to Protect DSLR

How to Protect DSLR 1

How to Protect DSLR From Dust, Heat, Water, and Sand? DSLR owners who want to keep their cameras away from danger should be aware of common causes of problems, such as dust, heat, water, and sand. How to protect DSLR from dust Checking water the DSLR is already affected by dust exposure should be easy … Read more

Lightning photography

lightning in dar sky

How to lightning photography Lightning photography is quite complex: You only get one chance, ever wondered how to choose the location and direction – this is not a portrait photography where you can go back into the studio and do the shots if the pictures did not. You will always be at some risk of … Read more

Zoom effect photography

zoom effect running man

Zoom effect photography trick A simple trick to make a static image dynamic – shoot slowly, zoom quickly. It only needs small tricks with the camera zoom lens zoom and shutter speed. Take a picture with a rather slow shutter speed, and pressing the shutter release button, turn the lens suddenly zoom (photographic trick only … Read more

Firework photography

fireworks photography splash

For many, the question arises as to produce beautiful firework photography, so this article will try to answer it how to shoot fireworks. Technically, everything is easier than it may appear, will present some of the key tips that you should keep in mind when shooting fireworks. Firework photography Use a tripod … SURE It … Read more

Portrait photography

portrait girl red head

Three types of portraits To begin to mention that the portrait does not necessarily have to be human, but for simplicity’s sake I will speak about the man. When you have decided to do portrait photography, or perhaps it is fair to say I will meditate in portrait composition, you have to remember that there … Read more

Understanding exposure

understanding exposure-triangle

Acquired DSLR camera and the pictures are dark, dirty, “with ghosts head and handprints. If so, read this article. It will help to master the understanding of exposure. It’s really not so hard. Need to know a few elementary things about how to get the correct view. Let’s start with the definition of exposure. So, … Read more

Photo recovery tools

format sd card menu in dslr

Photo recovery tools Every computer user must-have program for data recovery, this curse will happen earlier or later. This article will be about practical photography tips. How to recover deleted files, what recovery tools you can use, to undelete your files. Clearly, the mites can go to certain forms of data-driven recovery, but is it … Read more