How to choose tripod for you

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How to choose a tripod If you have brought any type of camera, the second purchase should be a tripod. Tripod is an accessory that helps you in various situations to get a stable view. First, you have to decide how much money you can spend and what for are you buying it. Tripod price

How to create timelapse

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How to create timelapse video from images using DSLR What is to create timelapse photography? It is making movies from sequence images. If you decided to create time-lapse you will need: Digital camera DSLR Tripod Camera timer remote controller – intervalometer Timelapse photography tips First, choose the place, choose the time, pre-think how long your

Sunglass instead photo filter


Photo filter Everybody has used a photo filter and knows what difference it does to your shot, but what can you do if you left them at home? Sunglass instead photo filter effect idea My story starts when I was visiting my parents I’ve taken only my DSLR camera canon eos 550d plus a kit