How to photograph snowflakes with DSLR


Winter is the perfect time to shoot something different and if you like macro photography as I do here is a little tutorial about how to photograph snowflakes with a DSLR.If taking photographs of snowflakes isn’t your favorite photographic practice during wintertime, it should become such. You just have to go through a few and

Macro photography ideas


Photography is an art. Photographer uses art as one of the ways of expressing themselves. Therefore to be at least a decent photographer one must move several notches higher from the common photographs such as flowers, plants, bugs just to mention a few common examples. Anyone can do this including amateurs. To be a distinguished

Focus stacking tutorial

focus stacking bug

What is focus stacking (macro) Why we need photo focus stacking?- Focus stacking used in any situation where individual images have a very shallow depth of field. DSLR can take a lot of images captured at different focal depths (depends on how many: to cover all frames you want). In each image different areas of