Firework photography

For many, the question arises as to produce beautiful firework photography, so this article will try to answer it how to shoot fireworks. Technically, everything is easier than it may appear, will present some of the key tips that you should keep in mind when shooting fireworks.
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Firework photography

Use a tripod … SURE

It is the cornerstone of the firework photography element. Just as night photography, we will have to use a slow shutter speed, at least a few seconds, to get a long exposure, which is not possible when shooting from the hand. If you can not pick up on a photo hunt tripod, try to find the camera you can help, you may fit a backpack, maybe stairs, someone, no matter what- the most important in order to keep the camera stationary.

If you have the remote control – be sure to use it.

First of all – this is the maximum help for offsetting camera shake. Another thing – you can use bulb mode and lower the mirror just at the time when the fireworks go off, instead of maintenance adjust “by eye” and just guess, which will fire and fireworks go off.

Turn on the M mode for firework photography

Other modes will not really need to have the ability to change all the settings of the camera. What settings should be used? The most important thing is the maintenance of the ISO and aperture (the learned (understanding exposure). In the present case, the aperture should be set at f / 8 – the value of this lens makes the most of the sharpest images. ISO should be as less as possible – after all, take pictures from a tripod, we are not maintenance important and certainly, fireworks emits enough light to expose the image using the f / 8 and ISO 100th shutter speed set about as fired during the fireworks – the essence that the entire time that the camera takes to rise to the fireworks guess the air, and then explode shut off, so come out beautiful photography. Undoubtedly, the best way is to use the remote control, bulb shutter mode you can fully manipulate the duration.

    • Find interesting places to photograph

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Technical issues discussed now somewhat practical part – an interesting location brings a huge amount of photography. During New Year’s best to take pictures of the mountain, or at least from the balcony to cover as much as possible and make a video around the New Year fireworks panorama. If you have a chance to go somewhere, do not drive photographed in mass meeting places as diverse city observation sites – there are a lot of crazy people, including – and photographers. It should look for unique Locations for firework photography, so your picture will emerge from the crowd and be noticed and appreciated. The key uniqueness, so good for New Year fireworks photographs have traveled to the city center or popular review sites with the camera is not a good idea.

Take lots of pictures

Take pictures as much experimentation settings, shooting angles, and the like – just experimenting and finally do the work of one single gold frame.

Use manual focus mode for firework photography

As darkness autofocus usually works hard, best to just switch to manual mode and focus to infinity. When shooting at f / 8 you get crisp and sharp photos of fireworks exploding further than 100 ~ 200m, will not have to worry about focus.

What to do if you have not a DSLR for firework photography?

First of all- not to faint. Conventional digital cameras tend to have all the necessary functions for shooting fireworks. If your camera is not M mode, it is sure to be a Fireworks mode- select it, place the camera on a stand and back- with a better point and shoot often can not do anything worse fireworks photographs than the SLR. The difference is how much time that will take, and how convenient it is to do…
firework photography

A few more firework photography tips

Do not fool yourself turned on and do not flash – it is complete nonsense, after all, take pictures of fireworks that explode themselves away and shines a lot more than your flash, so they should not turn on in any way.
Grab a flashlight – it’s dark at night, and you slice to change the camera settings to do so blindly is rather a cumbersome flashlight always come out on the benefits of the dark.
Turn on the camera Noise Reduction, if any. And the camera software will remove noise from photos, which often becomes quite intense shooting at slow shutter speed.


It is the cornerstone of firework photography, in general, any element – nothing can find without experimentation. Be creative, even if you are shooting fireworks into the frame and place the tree in another corner of the house, or maybe a group of people – the most important to look nice and suit the song, as do the picture even more interesting. If you have the opportunity – to shoot the water, fireworks reflected on the water create magical light dance pictures. In one picture try to catch as many fireworks explosions, and create an interesting effect, a real fire dance in the sky. After all-you-can even try to take a picture with the flash- set the camera to a couple of people and shoot with the flash reloads will enlighten people and fireworks photography will come out sharp and for long exposure for their blasting fireworks will look magnificent. So, once again – do not be afraid to experiment!
firework photography

I hope that was interesting reading for you if this article through something would come away with the digital camera will make a night out and do some good fireworks photo- my mission accomplished.

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