How to choose digital camera

Want to buy a digital camera? Which digital camera best? First, you have to decide: How much money I can spend, what pictures I will take, what size/ weight it should be. I will try to describe each class of cameras. digital camera leica digilux 3 1

Digital camera types:

Compact camera

This type of digital camera is simplest, just point and shoot, you almost don’t need any knowledge to use it.

Creative compact camera

This type of digital camera for people who’s got a little bit of knowledge. It has a function to adjust exposure, it has a better optics lens.

Superzoom/ Bridge camera

This type of digital camera got a single invariable lens but can be used for wide-angle or telephoto shots. So If you want a camera, but in the future do not plan to buy anything more: I mean a lens, flashlight and etc, it is the best choice.

Compact system camera

The newest class. This type of digital camera mirrorless, but its performance is very similar to DSLR. It has a lot of adjustment settings, can change lenses, Some brands use the same lens mount for DSLR and compact system camera. Other accessories for example flash can fit as well.

Entry-level DSLR

This type of digital camera I suggest for people who owned one of the cameras up in the list. Got all adjustment settings as pro DSLR, difference: crop sensor, shutter works less time, ISO performance not so good compared to professional, less frame rate per second. If you really an enthusiast, planning to become more experienced, not afraid to buy accessories, it means DSLR just for you.


This type of digital camera for people who know, what to spend such a big sum of money on. Invest in expensive equipment and get tools for work. Full frame mirror camera. Fast accurate autofocus, better build quality, protected from moisture and dust, higher resolution, more frames per second. Best quality expensive lenses and other “toys”.

Myth and tips explained

More megapixels better camera is. Compact cameras have small sensors. The sensor is a camera component responsible for image quality as well. More megapixels- bigger photo print we can do, but when accommodating a lot of megapixels in a small sensor you lose quality, that is why there is no point to choose a camera with most megapixels. Processor. The camera is like a small computer it has a processor, which is responsible for how fast images will be converted from analog to digital and written to the memory cards. Faster- better. Before buying, take the camera in your hands, try the autofocus system: is it accurate and fast. Lens explained. A lower aperture number is better, it means more light can be captured on the sensor especially in low light situations. Of course, the f-number varies comparing DSLR and compact cameras.

About super zoom: most lens comes with zoom, let’s say 24- 500mm is very good shooting from long distance, otherwise shooting on max 500mm zoom you will lose quality. Video mode, is very useful to get all in one making movie in HD. Most these days manufactured cameras have a user-friendly interface: auto, flashlight, night mode, sport mode and etc. It means manufactory saved settings for easy use non-experienced people. Anyway buying entry-level or pro DSLR users will have to learn using manual mode otherwise there is no point to buy them.

digital camera dslr program mode

Which camera brand to buy?

All manufacturers have made very good products and not so good to cover market niches. In my eyes most competing and used Canon and Nikon, I am not saying another brand is bad . If it is possible to try to read some reviews using the internet, maybe your chosen model has technical or firmware problems or for example, autofocus works slow and not accurate. Do not think like this: if I will buy the most expensive DSLR I will be a professional photographer and my images will be the best, remember: not the camera takes images, people are taking an image. To reach the pro photography level you will have to learn and practice not one year. I hope this article will help to decide how to choose a digital camera right for you. Good luck with your choice and have a nice day.

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