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Photography is an art. Photographer uses art as one of the ways of expressing themselves. Therefore to be at least a decent photographer one must move several notches higher from the common photographs such as flowers, plants, bugs just to mention a few common examples. Anyone can do this including amateurs. To be a distinguished and recognized photographer one must incorporate macro photography ideas so that their work may stand out among others. Great photos do not necessarily have to be extraordinary or from space, though if one could get one from space it would be an instant hit. Great photography can be achieved by being creative with the basic thing around you. Listed below are some great macro photography ideas to give an upcoming photographer a boost as they take their first baby steps in the remarkable journey of photography.

Water drops photography

Capturing nice pictures of raindrops or water drops is an art by itself. Some of the best pictures can be captured in the morning before the dew evaporates. This however is a classic idea so the photographer needs to be creative and capture unique and interesting pictures. Some great ideas include droplets dripping from a cobweb or droplets on wire fences. To capture this, one needs to be fast so as to catch the drops before they hit the ground.

water droplet image credit Markus Reugels from


Another great macro photographic idea ought to be feathers. Naturally, feathers are colorful and bright, most of them at least, coupled up with a nice camera that has clarity and enough megapixel is bound to result in a sensational photograph. The key thing is to be creative, the feathers can be arranged to create different features.

Fruit and vegetable macro

Fruits and vegetables are healthy foods and should be the main part of every diet. However, there is this thing about healthy foods being a little bit boring and they also happen to have major incompatibility issues with the taste glands. So how about making the vegetables and fruits more appealing by taking great photos of them. To make the photos stand out, try fresh and rare fruits and vegetables. The dragon fruit is an excellent choice. Taking pictures of fruits and vegetables with bold and contrasting colors is also a great photography idea. Even when you take pictures like a part of it people can recognize it as it seen every day and very often used in advertising.



Get some amazing abstract photos from the different and patterns from the tissue. They could be lines, dices, or circles. To get better and more diverse photos one could get tissues of different colors and textures. To get quality pictures one would have to zoom in so as to capture the details.

Animal’s macro photography ideas

Generally, animal prints are beautiful and lovely. Full pictures of macro photography of insects and spiders are most in common, but capturing close-up pictures of various parts of an animal’s body may be quite interesting. This can be done by taking a close-up photo of an animal’s fur, an animal’s paw, or even the muzzle. This will not only create awesome pictures but it can also be loads of fun and adventure looking for great pictures to capture. The animals will also not pose for a photo so this is another aspect of creativity that has to be brought on board.

peacock-butterfly- macro
peacock-butterfly- macro

Corals and beach sand

Some of the best macro photography ideas are derived from nature. For those who live near a beach, a great photography opportunity presents itself right at one’s doorstep. This could be taken literally. Corals and seashells come in all sizes and shapes. It is also possible to get them in different colors and they will surely yield results that will make any photographer proud.

sand macro image credit: Niall Crotty from Flickr

Rust and shedding paint

It takes a true artist to turn something that was initially considered grotesque and unappealing into a masterpiece. Normally no one will see anything beautiful or outstanding in rust or flaking paint. But surprisingly, one can get great pictures from patterns formed by flaking paint on cars or walls. A garage or a parking lot might be a very resourceful place to take such macro photos. Reveal the hidden beauty to the world who would otherwise just walk by it without a second glance.

bolt rust macro image credit:

Toy cars and toys photo’s

For the car fanatics taking detailed pictures of various cars can also produce great pictures. Vintage cars have some very interesting shapes that could create great photography. You can buy one of these very cheap in a shopping center or if you have your own kids, I could bet, you will find some small toys in their room. Pictures are taken from a good angle, perfect lighting can make a regular picture be a stunning success.

toy car image credit:

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Foil reflection

Shiny surfaces always create great reflections which in turn result in great pictures. And for a great picture one does not need expensive materials, the common items in the house will work just perfectly. In this case a foil paper. The foil paper creates great reflections, illuminating common things in the house that will result in a stroke of genius. To get great and exceptional results, one must exercise a lot of patience but the results are worth the wait.

Coins macro images

We touch coins every day, but did you ever had closer look at them? All of them obverse and reverse have a lot of details which, you can see in macro images. Numismatics know what I mean.

queen-Victoria--silver-shilling-coin-1887-obverse macro
queen-Victoria--silver-shilling-coin-1887-reverse macro

Human body parts

Let’s say eyes have different shapes on every face- it is a human soul mirror. Maybe in different colors. Often when capturing an image of the eye can reflect light around.

eye macro image credit: anniewinge from

Snowflakes photography

It is really not so easy to capture snowflakes, but these images will be amazing as every snowflake is in a different form and shape

snowflake image credit:

Casual things

Casual things in our hands may look interesting in macro photography. You can brainstorm with no limits at all. Needle, threads, jeans, colorful pencils, pen end, keyboard, old micro scheme, mechanic watch inside parts, and others.


Final remarks

The world of imagination is filled with an infinitive number of infinitives. Some say that the sky is the limit but in this case, there is no limit at all. For great macro photography ideas, one must think outside the box and look beyond that which meets the naked eye. Creativity and uniqueness are key and are what will make a photo stand out. A few final pointers in achieving macro photography; position is key, the angle from which a photo was taken makes a whole lot of difference to a photo. Light may destroy or enhance a photo. One needs to learn how to use natural light to their advantage.

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