Focus stacking tutorial

What is focus stacking


Why we need photo focus stacking?- Focus stacking used in any situation where individual images have a very shallow depth of field. DSLR can take a lot of images captured at different focal depths (depends on how many: to cover all frames you want). In each image different areas of the sample will be in focus ad finally blending frames together using post-production. This technique used for macro photography, microphotography.
Of course, you have a question:

What software should I use for photo stacking?

You can use a lot of them, but there is only a few goods and for free. The best three I have tried by rank
1. Zerene stacker (paid)
2. CombineZP (free)
3. Adobe Photoshop (paid)

Combine zp tutorial

Because CombineZP is free, it means everybody can download it to try. I will make a small review for this digital camera post-production soft.
CombineZ is a free software working on the Microsoft Windows operating system. It is for creating extended depth of field (DOF) from a bunch of images, combining them into one. Digital photography used a technique also called photo stacking. CombineZ processing all images, taking places which is in focus to create one composite image.
The newest release (version) of CombineZ is CombineZP (CombineZ- Pyramid)
CombineZ is created by Alan Hadley from the UK
You can download it for free here
or visit page

Focus stacking tips and sequence

  • Use your digital camera on a tripod, to get steady images
  • Start focusing from the nearest position of the object
  • Use DSLR cable or wireless to release the shutter, you can use the time delay function if it is in your camera
  • Make images sequential order, do not front focus after back focus and middle focus (that makes your software panic and sometimes you will be not glad about result)
  • After copying to computer collect images carefully, pick only sharpest with no movement
  • Post-production
focus stacking bug
focus stacking|combined 7 images|bug|result|no modifications with other soft|just pure stacking

Watch my tutorial online on youtube

YouTube video

You can also download my files used in this video free, just for personal use, to try photo focus stacking by yourself. Follow the linkĀ  Download Now!

Combine ZP review
  • Combine ZP


Combine ZP is a great Free tool for macro photography- focus stacking. Development is discontinued, but you can download the latest version of the software here, which still works fine on all Windows operating systems.

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