Car Photography techniques: How to shoot like a pro

Getting that good-looking car shot is not a walk in the park. The photographer has to display some unmatched shooting prowess to produce such photos. In order to achieve that feat, below are some of the factors to consider.

Best time to photograph car

How to photograph cars audi a5 sunset time

A lot of photographers find it hard to get the right timing for their car shoots. In fact, they aimlessly take car shoots with an intention of picking that which pleases them. Engaging in such guesswork is both a waste of time and resources. As a proficient photographer, you ought to discern on the right time for carrying out the car photo shoots. Most often, the best time to conduct car shoots is a few minutes before sunset and similarly before sunrise. During any of these times, use a tripod to get a remarkable car photo.

Control your field depth

car photography techniques dept of field

Adjustments on your camera will also come in handy to give you that perfect shot. Increase the width of the camera as much as possible. Then compensate for the brighter image through shutter speed enhancement.

Once you get the shot right, the outcome is a stronger image with an artistic flair. A glimpse at the resultant photo will leave any person in intense amazement.
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Background for car photography

car photography hot rod sunny day background

You just don’t go about taking car shots from every random place. There are many considerations you need to give the choice of your background. The background you settle on should seamlessly relate with not only the car but also the theme.
Get rid of any object from the background since they have a tendency of distracting your eye. Once the distractors have been removed from the background, you can take that perfect car shot with much ease.

Encourage Interaction between the car and nature

car photography hot rod sunny day background

No doubt nature grants us some of the perfect landscapes around. In fact, some of the best photos are purely taken in appreciation of nature. You can integrate this awesomeness of nature in car photography.

There are many ways through which you can have that car blend with nature, prior to taking shots. For instance, let the car to climb an obstacle or make some dust. While in that state you can take several photos.

Camera Selection

The choice of your camera has a significant impact on the quality of photos. With the high number of cameras on the market, there is a higher chance of picking the wrong one. Therefore, it is important you keenly check on the camera’s features and capabilities before buying it. Try taking a few photo shoots and assess the quality of the photographs in a bid to verify its ability.
Consulting from other professional photographers will also assist you in acquiring the best camera ever. So, give this process much thought and discernment. Remember, the choice of the camera will affect the quality of car cameras you intend to take. Be vigilant!
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Places to take car images

Car Photography techniques: How to shoot like a pro 1

Not every location will give you that perfect car shots. Some places will give you a disappointing outcome whereas others will give you that extraordinary shot you desire. With these two possibilities having a fair chance of occurring, you need to be very picky. Prior to picking on a specific area, know that it has a notable influence on your car photos.
Purpose to carefully select a location which will give you both an amazing background and blend for your car shots. Ensure, the place is free from distractors and it remarkably integrates well with the car.

The color of the car

Car Photography techniques: How to shoot like a pro 2

Most photographers disregard the aspect of color while taking car shots. Unfortunately, it leads to some unpleasant photos that are not worth looking at. As a photographer, you need to choose that car with a color which blends well with your background.
Ensure it does not cause any awkwardness since the same appearance will translate to your images. You can seek advice from a designer or other skilled photographer on the choice of color before going forth with the task at hand.
The color of the car you pick on needs to integrate well with the immediate time. It should also react well to the present weather conditions for a successful car photography process.

Try shooting at night car images

vintage car parked close to old buildings

Though scary, night car shots are very amazing. However, they only become so remarkable when you put a few things into consideration. Choose a spot that is very dark deprived of the full moon and streetlights. Then set your camera up on a tripod. Have the cameras ISO tuned to 100, the aperture to 1/9 and 30 seconds speed for the shutter.
Splash some light on the car with your household torch as you take car shots. Photos acquired through this process are always breathtaking.

Set the car in motion

moving car photography panning

Car motion blurs make some of the most remarkable photos. Such shots bring an idea of speed which is pleasing to look at. To achieve this feat, simply stand near the road and let the car drive immediately past where you are. Then follow the car as you take several shots.

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Your posture – perspecive is everything

moving car photography panning

The way you position yourself does affect the outcome of your photos. Various photoshoots will require you to assume various positions. It is up to you to know that which works well for the photo you intend to produce. Depending on the results you intend to achieve, find that posture which will give you that desire. Avoid standing anyhow while shooting, it jeopardizes the quality of your photos.

Catching good moments while carrying out car photography is worthwhile. Not only does this occurrence appeal to you but also makes your photos to trade well in the market. In that regard, it is vital you try at all costs to capture these impeccable moments while out car shooting.


Car photography is an enticing experience when done in the right way. It allows you to experience art at its very best as you take quality car shots. Furthermore, this activity might earn you quite a fortune on mastering the rule of the game.

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