How to whiten teeth in photo

If you make portrait photography, you know that all images with beautiful smiles look more attractive. One of the portrait retouch photography techniques is to whiten teeth. There are a lot of ways how to make it. I will review several of them.

whiten-teeth portrait retouch

How to whiten teeth in Adobe Photoshop:

  • Open image
  • Make a selection using the wand tool.
  • Create hue saturation layer (settings depend on image- there are no exact counts).
  • Create levels layer (settings depend on the image- there are no exact counts).
  • Adjust opacity for each level, effect to look more natural.

How to whiten teeth in Adobe Lightroom

  • One of the easiest way to do it:
  • Open image
  • Press on the brush tool (make sure you are in develop mode)
  • Rise up exposure about half step plus 0.5
  • Reduce saturation about minus 30-60
  • Feather set about 2 to 3
  • Flow 100
  • Magnify and just paint over

How to whiten teeth in Gimp:

  • Open image
  • Duplicate layer
  • On the top of the duplicate layer create alpha channel
  • Grab brush tool, change the mode to saturation, select fuzzy brush and pain on teeth

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