Retouch body lines

This tutorial about how to retouch body lines: reduce or add some fat. Why does somebody want to do that?- Not all the time model has the perfect body- it is very important, image to be perfect, especially in commercial photography. If you retouch only the face it is also very useful to know: how to make body parts smaller or bigger. Let’s say: we can reduce nose size or make bigger eyes and etc, these effects can dramatically change our final image look. These photography retouching techniques are very useful but do not overdo it, keep realistic as much as you can, unless you want to make a caricature.

retouch body
before and after retouch body lines

How to retouch body lines in Adobe Photoshop

  • Use squeeze mask tool for body parts, you do not want to be affected
  • Use liquify tool to reshape body lines
  • Try to use a larger brush size- it will make lines smoother
  • The easiest way work in solid color background

YouTube video

One more great example of retouching body lines- literally weight loss

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How to retouch body lines in Gimp

Goto filters/distort/wrap

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