Portrait photography

Three types of portraits

To begin to mention that the portrait does not necessarily have to be human, but for simplicity’s sake I will speak about the man.

When you have decided to do portrait photography, or perhaps it is fair to say I will meditate in portrait composition, you have to remember that there are

3 main types of portraits.

1. The first – the head of the portrait photography, which depicts the head or head and shoulders.


2. Second – full-length portrait photography, where you take a picture or a whole person, or from the head to the torso.

portrait full body

3. And finally, the third portrait photography in which a person occupies a small part of the frame – often less than a third.


Shooting in a portrait head are a few things that should not be forgotten. First – it’s the right corner of the selection. The portrait is very little to do directly face the camera. This is because even a small heel creates a kinder view, and in some cases, dramatic the play of light. If you choose to do this type of portrait, make sure that the photographed eyes staring directly into the lens. eyes of any portrait of the most important part and should be the main point of the brightness setting.

Selecting a background

The second plan

Portraits – very easy to forget and fail to think about the items that are placed in the frame of the environment. One of the main secrets of a successful portrait is an appropriate choice for the environment. It does not matter what type of portrait you have chosen – you have to think about the background. The inadequate background is strong enough factor to damage and perfectly composed pictures. Probably there is nothing worse than the distracting background of the portrait photography, and so you have to carefully choose the location where you are going to shoot. If you do not have a choice, then you open the aperture can “wash” the background, and the details contained in it will be less distracting. Way, this is a popular way of any type of portraits. Add some props. Shooting people in their natural environment, or the things they daily you can use the viewer to tell you more about that person.

Most memorable portraits are photographed in the background -free parts. No detailed background helps the viewer to focus exclusively on the man without any extraneous distractions.
portrait girl red head

Advisable environment

Anyway, ‘bare’ background is not always the most appropriate choice. In most cases, it is worth choosing the environment in which the subject was feeling comfortable or a little more say about it. Thinking about lighting, the place where you are going to shoot a very important factor. For example, if you want a bright, bright portrait by radiation in such a climate, it is unlikely to be the right choice for a poorly lit, dimmed room where you should use the flash or heave or ISO, which added unnecessary grain and reduce the brightness.


Your choice of the color prevailing environment also plays an important role in choosing the light. A highly reflective environment can lead to unexpected and undesirable effects like flashes or over-exposure. And do not forget the fact that the ambient light reflected gives the body a certain shade of color. Probably at least neutrality and affecting the environment is off-white.
fashion portrait photography

Family portrait photography

Marital photography million favorite genres. It can be an interesting and valuable historical chronological record when shooting on a regular basis. However, this genre usually suffers from a lack of creativity and ingenuity.

Iconic types

If you plan to take pictures of your family portraits in the front row you have to think about those who have the portrait will be interesting and valuable. If you are a proponent of traditional portrait photography, then probably you will be the classic postures suitable if you are a lover of innovation – then try something new and non-traditional. Both of these options, and I will. No matter which type you are going to shoot a portrait, there are a number of procedures to help the process go more smoothly. In the first row, it is extremely important that you prepare yourself before starting to shoot. There is nothing more effective in order to irritate and cause tension, forcing all the longest wait for the photographer will be ready all the equipment needed for shooting. Prepare your photography camera, make sure all the settings and its batteries are shooting digits, prepare the lighting, and load me and others enthusiasm. Family photography should be fun for everyone and occupation do this is part of your job. Talk to people when you take a picture, add them in the process. From time to show better results (if you are shooting a digital camera), which often causes people to gather and predisposes positive.
family portrait

Portrait photography poses

If you are shooting a portrait normally – you have to think about the layout. Probably be a good idea to give the photograph a “uniform” order. This will help to get away from the feeling that the people are randomly for unknown reasons ended up at the same time in the same place. Built-in front of children – always a good idea, because they are being much more visible in there and the kids naturally attract the viewer’s attention. also have to think about the levels. Try framing so that people are not simply placed or planted in a row. different height people in different areas of the photo make the picture more interesting. If you plan to do less traditional family portrait photography, then practically limitless choice. It has been observed that the portrait photography of people or things they use every day is more attractive. You can try to take photos of children playing outside when their parents are watching them through the window, the grandmother sitting in an armchair with a ladle in his hand. Use this word in a fantasy situation and to make an interesting portrait of the stable value.  

Portrait photography lighting

If you are lucky and the sun is shining outside, then I highly recommend taking advantage of the situation and make a portrait of the field. Natural light gives the feeling of warmth and comfort, and the practical side of the situation – you will have the ideal conditions for photography. However, if you choose to shoot at noon, better choose a place in the shade, otherwise, it may be that people will squint, somber faces of X-ray of the large shadows under your nose, and chin. However, if you choose to take pictures inside, you may need extra light. There is no need to have a studio shoots lamps. Ordinary bulbs, which can be purchased inexpensively by building supply stores (halogen lamps on tripods), will be a great help.


How to lighten

Lighting is extremely important in any portrait photo. Changing the lighting can substantially change the picture of the atmosphere, so it is extremely important that it is used correctly.  Portrait photography lighting is partly an interesting topic, and usually, each photographer has their own methods and ways to use the lights and what portrait photography. In most cases, any lighting used depends on the kind of lighting equipment you have in your arsenal. Since many of you do not have studio lighting equipment I’d rather talk about portrait lighting without special equipment.
Photographing model with reflector

Outdoor portrait photography

When shooting outdoors, you become dependent on the weather. The common perception is that good natural light images provide more naturalness than the best studio lights, but in poor weather conditions, it is practically impossible to make a good portrait outdoors. Therefore, I would recommend just taking pictures outdoors on a sunny day. When shooting outdoors, your main concern is shutter speed and aperture. If your photo machine allows you to adjust the ISO, then it is advisable to determine the number of ISO on the lowest possible. You have to remember to take care of the second plan because it is a very bright and reflective second plan that can be “burned” areas in the frame cause. If you are not a very skilled photographer in, portrait photography field, select the time of day when the Sauk flows or descends. Outside then there is enough light but here in the sun will not create long shadows and bright after the portrait nose, chin, and eyes. Difficult also for humans to look at the sun, so it is very likely that the photoshoot at noon will squint and frowning. as an alternative, you can find the right place in the shadow of portrait photography. In this way, you will have enough light, natural colors and avoid deep shadows on the human body. If you already have decided to shoot in sunny environments do not forget to wear on the lens hood, is protection from unwanted sun bunny frame.
family portrait on sunset time

Indoor portrait photography

When shooting portraits indoors dealing with specific problems and opportunities. If you do not use photography for lighting, perfectly acceptable lighting in the room is the light that is possible. The truth is, you may need to raise the ISO setting so that you can have more freedom in other camera settings. However, there is a possibility, however, would suggest someone closer to the window through which daylight penetrates. Also shooting room to experiment with different light sources. You can achieve some very interesting results by experimenting with candlelight, which, because of its color temperature gives a red tint to experiment with a penlight, blinds, shutters. Just as with the studio light, there is a basis for experimentation. There is no right or wrong answer as to do so to use their imagination, ingenuity, and not limit me.
girl portrait indoors

We make children photography

Children are immensely popular photography sites. Parents always want their offspring to have beautiful photos in various stages of physical development of all the childhood period.

Professional photographers also usually are enjoying the opportunity to photograph the children, because they provide infinitely more variety and space for improvisation. However, as much as it can bring joy – children’s photography and can become a nightmare. Sometimes it happens that the unpredictability of the communication problems is put off by a photographer of children photography forever.

There are several ways to achieve the best results when shooting children. Simplest level, you have to make an effort to create a youth/childhood atmosphere. Playful and carefree atmosphere photos will make an attractive picture, and as a rule, felt most commercially successful pictures of children.
girl on christmas time

You can try as much as disturbing and unusual shooting angles. Try to shoot below the child’s eye level to make it appear that he is looking at you from above. This, of course, will be unexpected, unusual angles, and even opposite to the expected. Also, the camera orientation, avoidance of central compositions help create the image drive and playful atmosphere.

One of the most successful children’s shooting methods always revolves around the environment in which they are photographed. There is always bad to try to take a child to the everyday things: a toy or book. The object does not have to be the brightest part of the picture, but it will make the viewer feel better picture atmosphere will provide more information about the child’s character, interests and help you navigate the eyes in the photo. Open aperture will focus attention on the child leaving the other items added to, but not the main role in performing the items pictured. You can try the aperture or longer exposure to help soften the picture, but do not forget that all the eyes of portrait photography are the most important element and should always be bright.
child brothers portrait

It has been observed that children with communication problems usually do not have their own children photographers. In the beginning, is always a good idea to be dissolved in the ice joke help any joke (if you know). This will help your child to relax your eyes.

If you are shooting a number, always a good idea, from time to time, to show your child’s shots on the camera screen. Most children love to see themselves differently, but also it can help to find a common language with the child.

What makes portrait photography good?

From ancient times, face painters looking for ways to help better convey the human form. In the very first picture was hard to recognize people, but it is due to the limited technical possibilities of that time. The exposure was too long, the subject was to be bright and recognizable. In the days of the pioneers of photography was to try to convey as much as possible the human details. However, nowadays, technology much more advanced than, photographers continue to look for ways to better convey the man, his feelings, state of the atmosphere.
Different photographers differently define what makes good portrait photography and a really clear answer to this question are no. A good portrait photo is the one that conveys a person’s character, so before you take pictures, talk to that person to get to know him.
model portrait in black and white

While there are basic rules/requirements of portrait photography, and who accepted that making a good professional portrait, I have noticed that it is not a rule which should be fully complied with. Some of the world’s best portrait photographers who rules applied in their own way in their work, so do not be afraid to experiment.

There is one rule that ignores the very small number of people, it is the portrait of human eyes. Many good portrait eyes are to look at what depart immediately. The rest of the portrait may be blurred, but the eyes a well- lit and very bright. In this way, the viewer shall pave the way for you to watch. It is often said that the eyes are the mirror of the soul, and it seems that digital photography is no exception.
green eyes

I hope so, now all who read these basic portrait photography tips will become a better photographers, with more ideas.

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