Lightning photography

How to lightning photography

Lightning photography is quite complex:

  • You only get one chance, ever wondered how to choose the location and direction – this is not a portrait photography where you can go back into the studio and do the shots if the pictures did not.
  • You will always be at some risk of shooting a lightning bolt.
  • Lightning is a point (line) and requires a source of optical quality.

lightning in dar skySweep the camera equipment:

DSLR camera with a bulb – shutter speed (preferably a DSLR, and you can try any digital camera if it has a Bulb mode, but it’s a lot harder)
Lenses from 28mm to 135mm in the least. Aperture can be f/2.8 – f/22.
Sturdy tripod– metal or plastic, there is no difference- if lightning is close, with the risk of any material equipment.
Shutter speed- slow
Make sure the lenses are clean – no scratches, fingerprints, or other glitches. Lightning is very bright and thin, so any deficiency in the picture will be very easily noticeable.

The best place to photograph lightning

The location is also a very important moment in order to get a nice picture. You can take pictures from your home, but it is advisable to look for suitable landscaping.
The most relevant local mountain, another high object, or open field.

Worst places for lightning photography: next to a water body, near to the trees or power lines.

What settings to use lightning photography

  • Camera mode: Aperture priority or Manual mode
  • ISO sensitivity is recommended 100-200
  • If lightning is very close to saying ~ 100 meters and more trapped aperture f16 to f22 –
  • About 1 kilometer f11
  • About 5-10 kilometer f4- f5,6
  • Barely visible f2,8
  • The closer lightning bolts- the bigger the f-number you should use.

One more lightning photography tip

If thundering in the daytime – way fail to capture lightning as usual. Why? – Because we do not receive the correct exposure, after all, we needed a long exposure. Especially in this, a particular situation, we can use the ND filters. If it is very bright outside and lightning storms, add the darker filter you have. This will cut off the flow of light and will be able to use a longer shutter speed.

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