How to retouch eyes in portrait

Eyes in the portrait are the most important detail, so when you are preparing to take an image of the face- always target to eyes, no matter what film digital camera you are using. After the taken image of course you want to retouch it.

retouch eyes in portrait blue
retouch eyes in portrait blue

How to retouch eyes in portrait step by step

What techniques you can use to make eyes popup:

  • Clean up- eyes with highly visible venous looks tired
  • Whiten eyeballs
  • Sharpen- add more details
  • Contrast
  • Highlights/shadows- depends on the light around
  • Brighten
  • Hue/saturation- changing eye color

How to edit eyes in Adobe Photoshop

YouTube video

I believe after this tutorial you will retouch eyes in a portrait-like professional retoucher, image editing becomes easier.

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