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This article about: top free photo storage online solutions, you may think: how it is connected with photography. All the photographers make a lot of photos on trips, festivals, concerts, weddings… So where we can upload our files to share with people we need: clients, family, or store files online and reach anywhere? In photography digital cameras use RAW, JPG, or video files in full resolution use a lot of space in computers. Today I will look after, my opinion

Best top 6 photo storage online solutions for free.

  1. Dropbox. You can get 2 GB of space photo storage for free. Follow the link to register.Pc, laptop, smartphone app
  2. Mega by Kim Dotcom. You can get 50 GB of space photo storage for free. Integration to a web browser, smartphone app. Link to register.
  3. Google drive. You will get 15 GB of photo storage for your account for Gmail, Google+, Google Drive, and photos at all. Pc, laptop, smartphone app. Link to register.
  4. Microsoft SkyDrive. You will get 7 GB of free space cloud storage to reach anywhere. Pc, laptop, smartphone app.
  5. Box. You will get 5 GB photo storage free space. Pc, laptop, smartphone app. Link to register.
  6. Amazon cloud drive. You will get 5GB of storage only by creating account Amazon Cloud Drive Photos – 5 GB of Free StorageTop free photo storage online 1

Unfortunately, but Linux operating system users can use not all of them, hopefully, after some time, they will. All storage service providers have a little bit different interface, but all of them are user-friendly.

What if you need more space? – you can always change the account to paid to get more space plus sometimes to get more functions. Our computer’s hard drive and smartphone memory-filled files we do not actually need every day, so why not try cloud storage today? I am using the first three in this list: Dropbox, Google Drive, Mega. As far as I remember the first one I have ever tried was Dropbox, it is very comfortable to communicate between laptop and smartphone, at a distance reach and share files. Upload images from one device and download or view them from another device. I am using Gmail to get mail, so second, my file storage is google drive. Mega is the freest space offering service, so it is worth trying it as well.

My free advice does not to use free file storage for sharing illegal films, music, mp3, software, or other content, one day you can be blocked or prosecute.

Technology development invents something every day, keep up with the public, you just must use one of these services.

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