Street Photography – an Introduction for Non-photographers

If you are a non-photographer who’s interested to learn street photography, but the only idea you have is that you need a camera to capture what’s happening on the street. Now you are searching for guide, tips and ideas on how to get started.

Street Photography – an Introduction for Non-photographers

In this article you’ll have a better understanding about street photography. You will have a grasp of understanding of what camera to use, what to capture and how to approach your subject.
Street Photography it is the act of taking candid shot of daily life, culture and humanity. The main essence of street photography is to document those interesting topic that you may find everywhere not specifically the life of the street. When taking a street photography, it is best to take candid shot without the permission of the subject. You just have to look for the subject and take pictures of it. Street photography is fun and a very rewarding art.
Your goal in street photography is to have fun, to enjoy your camera, to capture emotion, humanity, and interesting subjects. You don’t need to travel to different places to get the best street photography you can find a lot of opportunities in the street.
street photo graffiti

Here are the things to know to have a successful street photography:

  • Just do it.
  • Always remember that practice makes perfect. Do not expect that the first or every shot you make is perfect. Try and try until you get the perfect shot. Enjoy taking photographs. Make yourself as the subject of the photograph. Most of the photographer’s mistake is that they just took 2-3 photos of their subject and expect it to be perfect but it is not, try doing multiple shot so you can choose, what is the best photo to use.
    street photography man sitting on the pavement

  • Get close to your subject
  • Today, there’s a lot of camera that has a zoom features. Like you can take photographs from how many meters away. Yes, it works in capturing street photography, but if it happens that when you take picture and you found no emotion it is the time that you have to get close to your subject. In that way you will have a clearer photo with emotion.
    street photography potrait

  • Always bring your camera with you
  • You can have your best shot anywhere, so it is best for you to always bring your camera. Your camera acts as an extension of yourself. Bringing your camera and taking a lot of shots can also help you in practicing. The best street photography opportunities always come when you least expect it.
    street photographer in action

  • Believe in yourself that you can do that
  • Don’t mind those who says that you are just wasting your time in street photography. Those who says that you can’t do that. Always believe in yourself that you can do that. Think outside of the box for some other subject ideas. Have fun.
    street photography train station

What to look for when shooting in the street?

  • The perfect moment
  • Some call it as the decisive moment. Look for the best moment, and for you to capture it take multiple shot. Bert moment can’t be found with just one shot!

  • Emotion
  • Street photography aims to capture emotion and humanity. There are different types of emotion, anger, love, happiness and sadness. It is hard to capture emotion. The first thing to do is to look it in the street, in people’s gesture, body language and facial expression, once you see that be ready to click the camera.
    street photography workout

  • Interesting subject
  • Once you found the interesting subject, the next thing to do is to focus on the details.
    bicycle bell

What is the best camera for street photography?

Is there really a bad camera for street photography? My answer is no. Today there’s a lot of camera to choose from, and they are all comes with great features and price. In my opinion the best camera is the one that you can always bring with you. It shouldn’t be expensive. It should be the extensive of your eyes. It should be the extension of you. The ones that allows you to connect with people. The one that allows you to capture every moment. The best camera is your smart phone, Film camera, DSLR or any camera that you already have. The best camera belongs to you! Just believe in your talent.
Most of the photographers are using DSLR to shoot their subject, because of its more advance features than the other camera.

Nikon gun looks cool 😄📷

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Pros of using a DSLR when shooting street photography:
• The framing is accurate
• No shutter log
• Faster processing time
• Great battery life
• Heavy
• Big
• Too many accessories
• Difficult to carry
• Loud shutter sound

Lens recommendation for DSLR camera

For me it’s best to use prime lenses. Prime lenses are the ones that didn’t zoom or do not have zoom features in it. Zooming lenses allows you to take photo of the subject even if you are far, and without disturbing the subject, but most of the time it fails to capture the best emotion. Prime lenses are smaller, they are light weight, and it allows you to take photos of the street more efficiently. I personally use 35mm lanes because of its length it is not too wide and not too close. Next is the 28mm lens it makes you feel like you are really there. It allows you to get close to your subject. While the 50mm lens has a superb portrait lens that lets you create very clear composition. Of course every lens has their own downside you just have to familiarize yourself and practice using these lenses to get the best street photography shot.

canon 28mm f2.8 lense

canon 28mm f2.8 lense

Street photography needs practice, patience and eye that is keen to details. Regardless of what camera you are using you can always take the best shot if you just believe in yourself.

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