Panning photography

What is panning photography?

Freezing moving main object sharp, while background is blurred.
If you already know digital photography basics, you are looking for new creative photography ideas, tips for photography is just for you, you are in the right place. The art of photography comes with knowledge of techniques and ideas you can create. Panning photography is used a lot shooting sport like bike, motorcycle, car racing, but can be used in daily shooting as well.
First decide what do you want to shoot,- of course it should be moving object. Try to choose best place to track/follow your object, rounded corner is perfect for me.
panning photography shema

What camera can I use for panning photography?

No matter what photography camera you own, it should have manual mode (M). More info about digital camera types can be found here How to choose digital camera.

What lens is best for panning photography?

If you use DSLR, you may be interested: what lens I should use, that depends from situation you are in. Let’s say, if I am close to my subject I may want to use wide angle lens and if I, lets say, shoot drifting cars and can not come close- I may want to use telephoto lens. More about lenses can be found here DSLR digital camera lens guide. The main our purpose is to capture object in the frame.


panning-photography-runing-squirrel Using telephoto lens canon EF 75-300mm . At focal lenght 300mm Aperture I used f8, shutter speed 1/15s, ISO 100

Panning photography settings

So jump in manual mode. Adjust your camera to correct exposure, after slower your shutter speed. The main key in this trick is to make slower shutter speed than normally would. More slower, more blurred background will be. But you should not overdo, the subject should stay sharp. How much slower?- depends from effect you want. I start from 1/50 and playing around.
Another mode you can use is shutter priority. Canon DSLR users can see Tv mode. Nikon users- S mode. This mode is semi automatic and easy to use. Adjust only one parameter and all rest job camera will make for you.

Focus in panning photography

Use autofocus, press shutter button half to start focusing, follow your subject, press shutter button full. I like to shoot in series, after sort images and delete missed shots.
panning photography motorcycle photo
Tv mode Shutter speed 1/60 aperture f7 iso200

There is nothing to wait for, grab camera in hand and go to the city for experiment. Good luck.
This is basic photography tips how to make panning images.

Thank you for visit, you are one more step further, to become the photo geek 🙂

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