Light painting by Stephanie Sahler

Stephanie Sahler fom Canada shares her night photo shoot – Light Painting.
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I am always looking to learn different techniques and styles to improve my photography and expand my knowledge. I love taking photographs that capture memories, but I also love creating art. Creating something that catches the eye and makes people wonder how you did that. I was doing some research online one night, exploring different photography techniques when I came across a technique that is called light painting. I explored it a little more and decided I wanted to give it a try. It took a bit of experimenting before it was time to take the actual photos. For these shots I waited until it was pitch black outside.

Gear I’ve used

Using a tripod and my Canon EOS 70D plus 18-135mm lens.
As a light source used high power flashlight in a clear tube.

Settings for light painting

  • Shutter speed- Bulb mod
  • I set my ISO to 800
  • Aperture at f/9
  • Metering mode- pattern

light painting pier
With my settings set I had my model pose and hold that pose as still as possible while I held the shutter open for 1 sec and did my light painting during that time. You have to work quickly because you don’t want to overexpose the image. For the light source you can use anything such as sparklers, glow sticks, flashlights etc. It is a really fun technique with great results I think! The possibilities are endless!
light painting beach

Also check out this video about light painting


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